Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Trailer Released

The live action miniseries being released to promote and provide additional backstory for Halo 4, Forward Unto Dawn, just received the trailer treatment that fans of the franchise have been waiting for. Gain an understanding of John Lasky’s part in the enormous and rich Halo backstory, and catch a glimpse of Master Chief, all suited up, in the trailer after the jump.

Forward Unto Dawn appears to be fairly high budget, and definitely represents that Halo universe in a more human way than we’ve ever seen. If the miniseries performs well, it’s likely that a full-length movie of the franchise will finally be picked up by a producer. Although it’s a little strange to not hear the iconic Steve Downes’ voice for our beloved Spartan, Jen Taylor reprises her role as Cortana. Have a look for yourself.

While the costume work could be a little more believable, the look and feel of the series is definitely shaping up to be a worthy supplement to one of the greatest franchises of all time.

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