Xbox 360 Patch for Battlefield 3 Still Coming

This is probably worth clarifying based on all the Battlefield 3 patch news flying around at the moment, ours included. The patch just released is primarily for PC players only. While it did contain some server-side adjustments that effect all platforms, the majority of the changes are client-side only, meaning they effect the console or PC on which they are installed.  Given that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the patch for BF3 (ie, the client-side versions) are currently undergoing certification with Microsoft and Sony respectively, they are not yet available.  Unfortunately, DICE have not been able to give a timeframe on when they might be released.

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch

The patch that Xbox 360 players may have been prompted to download recently is from Microsoft only, not DICE.  The Microsoft update does not change anything in-game.


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