Points Scam Hits Xbox Live Users in UK

Xbox Live LogoHackers have been using bogus websites to steal information about Xbox Live user accounts and take money from their credit cards. As reported by The Sun, the average gamer in the United Kingdom has lost around £100 (approx. US$156), however some have had more than £200 taken (approx. US$300).

The crooks sent emails to gamers directing them to a bogus website that was offering free Microsoft Points (the “online currency” of Xbox Live). In order to receive the free points though, gamers had to enter their personal details. This in turn let the criminals gain access to their Live accounts and the credit card details of the duped gamers. In addition (and to make the scam harder to detect) the crooks only took small amounts from the credit cards over a period of several weeks.

The team at Xbox UK has apparently been working with gamers to stop them from suffering further losses and will also provide refunds to those affected, if they can prove they did not give away their password to the crims.

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