GTA V Release Date Leaked?

Grand Theft Auto v LogoGrand Theft Auto V rumor fever has hit today with a new, apparently credible, release date for the game being revealed. According to the now-taken-down CV (purportedly) of one of the developers of the game, GTA 5 will be released in October later this year.

Alex O’Dwyer works at Rockstar’s Edinburgh, Scotland studio (which just happens to be where GTA 5 is being developed) as a character animator and someone found a link to his CV that was posted to Google Docs here.

As you can see the CV has since been removed, but apparently, under a section titled “Shipped Titles”, GTA 5 was shown with a release date of October 2012. This part of Alex’s CV was in all likelihood meant to act as a showcase for games he had worked on.

October doesn’t sound ridicuously unlikely to us, and is certainly a long enough period of time after Max Payne 3’s upcoming May release. We’ll wait and see if Rockstar comment on this particular rumor, although won’t be holding our breath!

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