Grand Theft Auto V Rumors Abound – None True

Grand Theft Auto v LogoThere are a fair few Grand Theft Auto V rumors currently doing the rounds and we’d hate to be accused of not keeping you up to date!

Release Date

Several game sites are reporting that the release date for GTA5 has been leaked, apparently by way of this Walmart listing. The release date specified there is 1 June 2012, which compares to the release date that a UK retailer, Zawi, has listed – being 23 November 2012. Then again, there is the purported hint that Rockstar Games themselves gave us in the GTA5 trailer – “We aim not to lose it – For Sale – 05/24/2012“. That mysterious wording has lead some to conclude that 24 May 2012 will be the release date. Given these are all rumors and, in all honesty, are likely to all be wrong, I’m not commenting further, except to say that halfway through next year seems awfully early!

Niko Returns?

This is simply a warning telling you what not to believe. The IMDb page for Grand Theft Auto V has been under attack recently with people adding all sorts of different people to the cast listed on the site, including Michael Hollick, who was the voice of Niko in Grand Theft Auto IV. Given that the IMDb page can be edited by anyone, don’t believe a word of it!

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