Are You Excited for the Launch of Mass Effect 3?

People are starting to get pretty excited about the launch of Mass Effect 3. From combing the desert looking for copies dropped from space, to trying to find out where the heck to buy it in the UK (GAME are not stocking ME3), everyone seems pumped.

Mass Effect 3

GameStop are also coming to the party by holding midnight launch events at over 3,600 of their stores across the United States. With GameStop you will also get added bonuses for any trade-ins you wanna make for Mass Effect 3 as well as exclusive bonus items for pre-ordering – including the N7 “Valkyrie” Assault Rifle and N7 “Defender” Armor. Plus, if you pre-order and then purchase the game between 6 March and 11 March, you’ll get $50 off a Kinect sensor.

Sounds good to us, and definitely a lot better than getting a gun pointed at you in the desert.

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