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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Game Description: Rainbow Six Vegas 2, sequel to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, is a first person shooting game. It tests the tactical acumen of the player as the player will take the lead role in the elite Rainbow squad in a quest to rescue the sexiest American city from a terrorist attack. The action is bound to be a never stopping one from the beginning to last. Logan Keller who played the lead role in the earlier version has been dropped and the new protagonist is the Bishop. The Rainbow Six Vegas 2 comes with character customization feature in multiplayer game mode. With much improved Havok and Unreal Engine 3, the teammate AI has gone levels up so that they cover each other while progressing forward in the combat action. With these new groundbreaking features and game play, the classic city combat action game is set to retain the top-selling videogame position in its genre.

Ultimate Smoke Grenade cheat for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on Xbox 360

On the first level on RSV2 you need to pick your regular guns and C4s+Frags (this fun hint could be CQB help you can do any time a fire extinguisher is near or across from a door in the hall way).

OK so you are going to have to make sure that you snake cam the room and target enemies, make sure you have your team on infiltrate mode (NOT assault mode).

Place the C4 on the fire extinguisher, put your team on follow orders, open the door to the room the enemies are in and run to a safe distance with your team and detonate.

Then turn on your heat vision and fire, or just fire through the smoke at the targets on the enemies heads.

This is a way to be untraceable at killing your enemies.

Game Name: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Cheat Name: Ultimate Smoke Grenade

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