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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Xbox 360 Cheats


Easy Assualt CQB and Marksman XP cheat for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on Xbox 360

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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Easy Assualt CQB and Marksman XP


Go to the last level, showdown, and reach the checkpoint when you are hiding in the shed. To get the assault points walk next to the doorway crouch and make sure the chopper cant shoot you.

Look at the bottom of the sun and throw a grenade (frags are best suitable) when three guys come. When they all die you should get three assault points and it adds up to your experience on the bottom of the screen, when after the experience is done being added to the screen throw another and keep gaining three points at a time. When that one girl says she is 75 percent done run out into the tennis court and die.

To get cqb points is much harder. First get to the same checkpoint as above but throw a grenade kill the first three guys run to where they died and throw a grenade at the next three guys. When they die run up to where a bunch of guys spawn (a light machine gun is best) start unloading clips on all of the guys that respawn.

Warning: it starts to lag as the bodies build up. When the girl says its 75 percent done or you have to reload let the guys shoot you and kill you and start over.

To get marksman points all you have to do is run to the far end of the shed at the same checkpoint as before and shoot the guys in the head or get long range kills and once again, when the girl says its 75 percent done run into the tennis court and die.

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