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Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rainbow Six Vegas
  • Game Description: The most renowned first person shooter game in Xbox 360 delivers another winner with Rainbow Six Vegas. Using next generation hardware, the graphics and the realism are seen to be believed. In Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow operatives have to deal with a terrorist siege in Sin City which could potentially escalate world terrorism to new unknown heights. Your job is to protect Vegas and you get to see the most popular Vegas locations like Fremont Street, the Strip and world famous casinos. Will you succeed in keeping one of the world's most famous cities from being destroyed?

Motion Sensor Through Walls on Calypso cheat for Rainbow Six Vegas on Xbox 360

Its best to use this glitch when playing attack and defend on Calypso Casino, its also best to be the defenders (ensure you have motion sensors).

When starting the game respawn in the keno room, go out of this room and turn left, you should head past 2 elevators and end up next to some double doors.

Go through these and the room should have some escalators in it, don't go down these as they will take you to the vault - where the package is located (attack and defend).

Stay on the landing area and face to the right and head to the wall, at the base of the wall there should be a gold strip, try and get a motion sensor on this gold strip, this might take a couple of attempts.

Once in the right place the sensor's laser should go through the wall to the other side and will go through the elevators and even the keno room.

The motion sensor will sound when an enemy walks through the elevator and you will be aware of them and be able to kill them before they notice you.

Game Name: Rainbow Six Vegas

Cheat Name: Motion Sensor Through Walls on Calypso

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