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Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rainbow Six Vegas
  • Game Description: The most renowned first person shooter game in Xbox 360 delivers another winner with Rainbow Six Vegas. Using next generation hardware, the graphics and the realism are seen to be believed. In Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow operatives have to deal with a terrorist siege in Sin City which could potentially escalate world terrorism to new unknown heights. Your job is to protect Vegas and you get to see the most popular Vegas locations like Fremont Street, the Strip and world famous casinos. Will you succeed in keeping one of the world's most famous cities from being destroyed?

Laser Bullets cheat for Rainbow Six Vegas on Xbox 360

Host an online match on Xbox Live. It can be any match type, as long as you are the host.

After the game begins, press Start. Then hold LB and Left Analog-stick (2), press A, click Right Analog-stick (2), press B, click Left Analog-stick (2), press X, click Right Analog-stick (2), press Y.

The message "GiDoeJoe Mode" will appear on everyone's screen to confirm correct code entry.

Alpha team will shoot blue lasers and Bravo will shoot red lasers.

Game Name: Rainbow Six Vegas

Cheat Name: Laser Bullets

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