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FIFA 09 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: FIFA 09
  • Game Description: FIFA 09 provides more realistic actions and reactions than any other game of the series which is meant for the Xbox 360. It is with the FIFA 09, by EA SPORTS, that one will get to turn their defenders with more control and ease and snap off shots with precision as this game has the improved shooting mechanics which is also a feature that has been included for the very first time. Now the passes can be more accurate than ever and all of this makes the football matches come to life - something that the gamer is going to enjoy a lot. This game has also been brought closer to reality by making the players react in accordance to their physical appearances and therefore now the robustly build player dominates when trying to get control of the ball and during collisions. The various theories of physics work here as well as the weight and height of the players determine the throws and shots within the game.

Manager Mode Easy Money cheat for FIFA 09 on Xbox 360

1. Go to the transfer market and look for players with a high transfer fee. Write these players down on a notepad, and the team they player for with the place and skill stat.

2. Quit that manager mode and go back to the main menu.

3. Go to team management and go to transfer market. Press the search and just put that player in to the box.

4. Bring that player to your team. Once you have the players you happy with save this and start up a new manager game.

5. Once you are there just go to the transfer market and put these players up for sale. Nice easy money to spend on what you want!

Game Name: FIFA 09

Cheat Name: Manager Mode Easy Money

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