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Dead Rising 2: OTR Xbox 360 Cheats


World's Most Dangerous Trick cheat for Dead Rising 2: OTR on Xbox 360

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Dead Rising 2: OTR

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World's Most Dangerous Trick


This is a psycho mission. At the Atlantica Casino Reed and Roger are performing a magic trick and they saw a woman in half. They are now speeding towards you.
Reed has a firework machine and Roger has a pirate sword. Now this is the trick.
Stick close to Roger and hit him a few times. Reed will shoot at you with fireworks. When he shoots at you, you must be close to Roger. The fireworks don't hurt you, it stuns you and paralyzes you for a few seconds. But it does the same to Roger. But you get up faster than him.
When he is stunned perform a special attack (hold X) with either a spikebat, katana, or a light sword.
Keep doing this and you will drain Roger's life very quickly. At least 3 tries and he is dead.
Now it’s Reed. Reed is the one with the fireworks, run at him and hit him repeatedly until he hits you down. After he hits you down he will do a taunt. Then again do a special attack (hold X) with any of those weapons. Repeat this at least 5 times.
Hint: your health will also be effected so don't drink, eat the fish.

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