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Dead Rising 2: OTR Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Rising 2: OTR
  • Game Description: Frank West comes back to the retail part Dead Rising franchise in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He did appear in a recent DLC for Dead Rising 2, but has not been in a retail copy of the franchise since the first installation. Along with Frank comes his camera that lets you boost your experience by taking pictures of the crazy ongoing in Fortune City. Frank's reemergence in the series comes with the biggest scandal in Dead Rising yet, which Chuck and Frank must uncover together.

Kidnapped! Mission Guide and Strategy cheat for Dead Rising 2: OTR on Xbox 360

It all begins at the BBQ shack in the Americana Casino. Rebecca was Kidnapped by TK. Now TK wants 1 million dollars From you!

You will begin on the second Floor of the BBQ place. When you start, look to your left, there you will find the first gambling magazine! Take it and hold on to it.

Make your way to the Palisades Mall. Go to the bar place with the slide. Go up the slide and you will find the second gambling magazine. Now you have 2 gambling magazines. Hold on to them!

There will be a side mission: Bank run. Widrow will be hacking ATM's. Don't help him, kill him. Then take his money case and smash it and you will get 150,000 dollars (if you saved him you would only have gotten 5,000 dollars). So don't save him, kill him.

Then go to every casino but Yucatan Casino. Go to the rooms where the giant safes are (you did a mission like this: Run for the Money). In the back were the Drill was should be a money case and some cash. Smash it and you will get 150,000 dollars.

If all the casinos are done go to the Slot Ranch Casino. Play the Big Slot thing. Keep on betting max the (1,000). You will win eventually and Get your 1,000,000 dollars.

Now that was the easy part! Go to the Shoal Nightclub (Yucatan Casino). TK's lesbian guards will try to kill you with their Katanas. Before you started this mission there was a psycho mission WWJWD. The Cowboy that hangs people had a magnum revolver. If you killed him you should have taken the magnum revolver.

If you come into the Yucatan Casino from the Food Court entrance. Look to your left and there is a little wall thing with plants and stuff hanging from its edge. Climb on it there should be an LMG.... Take it.

The magnum and LMG should be easy to kill with. Note, you only have to kill one of the lesbians, the other would kill herself. When your done take their Katanas it can be very useful against other Phsycos.

Game Name: Dead Rising 2: OTR

Cheat Name: Kidnapped! Mission Guide and Strategy

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