New Xbox Codenamed “Ten”, Set for Holiday 2012 Release and January CES Debut?

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Paul Thurrott has a bit of clout when it comes to blogging about Windows news and rumors, so it might pay to listen to his most recent “This Week In Technology” (TWIT) podcast. In it, Paul talks about the next generation Xbox/Xbox 720/Xbox Loop. In fact, you can now add the name “Xbox Ten” or simply “Ten” to that list.

Apparently the new console is set to be released in the 2012 holiday season and Microsoft will be showing it off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this coming January. Paul also says that Microsoft plan on taking “the Apple route” with Ten, and plan on offering some very tight integration across various Windows devices (ie, the console, PCs, tablets and phones).

Paul’s comments are in stark contrast to those made by rumor blogger MS Nerd just last week. MS Nerd said that the Xbox Loop (as he said it was codenamed) would be running Windows 9 and use a “Zune HD-like hardware platform”.

With all these Xbox 720 rumors swirling around what’s your view? Personally, 2012 seems a little early for Microsoft to be releasing their next Xbox. I know that we are six years into the life of the Xbox 360, but with the Kinect and other initiatives, it seems Microsoft is really trying to stretch things out. Ask yourself what this new console might or should be able to do that the current Xbox 360 cannot?

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