Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Stats Detailed

Would you like to know all the important statistics about each weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? I’m not just talking about how much damage the AA-12 can do at close range, but also how many rounds it (or any other gun in the game) can fire per second or minute, or how long it would take you to kill someone with it at either close or long range?

Well, wonder no longer, because some very helpful person from the official Call of Duty forums has posted a table outlining these details and many more (including drop time, recoil and run speed effect). The information appears to be correct and makes for some interesting reading. Can you say Type 95 Nerf!? Click the image below to view it in full size.

MW3 Weapon Stats

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  • chastity

    are there any known cheats to mw3

  • Mikey

    When there are you will be able to view them here – /Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_3/

  • Big King Luigi

    Is there an up to date version? After all the “nerfs”

  • Kasper

    this list is completely wrong. the person who made this list can’t be the brightest when it comes to mathematics. for example: it says that the base damage on close range on the m60e4 is 50 and that the fire rate is 10 rps. and after that they say it takes 0.1 seconds to kill with it up close ? if you know math it is quite obvious that if theese stats are right it should kill in 0.2 seconds because 10 rps = 1 shot per tenth of a second and if each bullet takes 50 damage and a person have 100 base health it takes 2 shots to kill him. hope this was in help to all of you.