Free Gears of War 3 Map Pack, Thanksgibbing Weekend Details

If you own Gears of War 3 then you definitely want to log onto the Xbox Live Marketplace today (Thursday, 24 November) and grab the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol “Versus Booster Map Pack”, that Epic Games and Microsoft Studios will be making available, for free! The pack includes a total of five new maps as follows: Blood Drive, Azura, Rustlung (from the Horde Command Pack), Clocktower and Bullet Marsh (from the original Gears of War).

After you’ve got your free map pack, then wait until 12pm ET when the King of the Hill “Thanksgibbing” event will begin. During this playlist (which lasts through the weekend) all shotguns will be replaced with a modified version of the Boomshoot known as the “Cluckshot”.

Gears of War 3 Cluckshot

Then, after you’ve done all that, make sure you check out the Mission: Impossible trailer (available here) and try complete the entire Gears of War 3 campaign on insane difficulty by Christmas day.  Do that and you will also unlock the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Weapon Skin Pack which includes the “Ghost Protocol” Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher Shotgun and Sawed-off Shotgun.

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