Microsoft Finally Issuing Refunds for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Microsoft Finally Issuing Refunds for Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionPreviously, we reported that Microsoft and 4J Studios were denying purchasers of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition refunds if they were upset about the lack of split-screen functionality on SDTVs. Fortunately, since then, Microsoft has had a change of heart, and lamenters of the unspecified “feature” have been receiving full refunds after vocalizing their complaints.

In addition, a clause at the end of the game’s description has been added to inform buyers prior to sale that split-screen functionality is only available on HDTV sets. Why this is still an issue is up in the air, and considering that Minecraft is such an undemanding title, it seems that this is primarily a programming issue of some kind. We have yet to receive word regarding this issue as of yet, but you can bet that you’ll see any updates on SDTV split-screen for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as soon as we get ‘em.

Source: Joystiq

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