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The LEGO Movie Video Game Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The LEGO Movie Video Game
  • Game Description: In The LEGO Movie Video Game you take on the role of Emmet who is a normal LEGO citizen that is pulled into this strange new situation that requires him to save the world! Emmet must take on an epic quest for which he is most unsuited, try to survive, and save the world!

Pairs of Pants cheat for The LEGO Movie Video Game on Xbox 360

Each level contains a pair of Pants you can collect.
Bricksburg Construction – You must get three “Awesome” hits in the dance competition, which you can join in the construction yard.
Escape from Bricksburg – There is a terminal you can hack in the upper-left area. Hack into it to open the door to the Control Room. Get the pants from the other side of the bridge.
Flatbush Gulch – Go to your right and break through the gold lock to reach the other side of the fence. Drill into the wall on top of the barn to open the barn doors. The pants are inside.
Flatbush Rooftops – There are ladders you can destroy with barrels beyond the checkpoint. Do so, and then use the Master Builder spot. Cross the bridge, go to the area below, and use Unikitty to get inside the Saloon. Head to the back window to start a sequence where you can shoot ten enemies to get the pants.
Escape from Flatbush – Fly left and break the gold hatch. Go inside the train. Break and rebuild all of the gold bars, and do the same with the safe door. You will need to solve one more puzzle, which involves color switches, and then the pants will be yours.
Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land – There is a cloud you can ride near where you begin. Do so. Next, go down the stairs, break the rainbow bricks, and make a springboard to fly toward the pants.
Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land – Ride the bird to the next area. To the left, near Lincoln, there are six gold doors to destroy. Do so to collect items Green Lantern can use. Build them into a fighter jet. It will shoot open the pants’ hiding place.
Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land – Wait until the buildings attach to the sub. Then, go right and melt through the gold lock to enter a small building. Use Green Lantern to build the pieces inside and gain access to the pants.
The Depths – After the checkpoint, go left through the passage. Use lasers to destroy the two gold rocks on the left and the two gold pufferfish you pass. Next, swim up and to the right until you find the third gold pufferfish, which you must destroy to get the pants.
Infiltrate the Octan Tower – Destroy the fireplate on the right. On the other side, use your wrench on the gears and valve. You must then go to the middle and break the boards, destroy the fireplate in front of the oven, and rebuild the sign. Once you have done all that, you will get the pants.
Put the Thing on the Thing – You must build the Jukebox and get nine “Awesome” beats to get the pants.
Broadcast News – The pants are in the air above the catwalks in the TV studio. To reach them, you will need to either fly or use a female character’s jump.
Back from Reality – Go to the lower level and use the black and red platform near the truck with Lord Business. Once the platform reaches the bottom, the pants will appear.
Bricksburg Under Attack – Use the black and red platform by the plumber’s truck with Lord Business. Next, go left and press the switch to knock out the power. Finally, use Unikitty to get past the rainbow wall and collect the pants.
The Final Showdown – During the second part of the Micromanager battle, there is a billboard on the left side of the area. Cut around the border with lasers to gain access to the pants hidden on the other side.

Game Name: The LEGO Movie Video Game

Cheat Name: Pairs of Pants

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