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The LEGO Movie Video Game Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The LEGO Movie Video Game
  • Game Description: In The LEGO Movie Video Game you take on the role of Emmet who is a normal LEGO citizen that is pulled into this strange new situation that requires him to save the world! Emmet must take on an epic quest for which he is most unsuited, try to survive, and save the world!

Getting Studs cheat for The LEGO Movie Video Game on Xbox 360

You can get lots of studs by breaking things in the hub areas, and breakable items respawn every time you exit and re-enter. Head back and forth from hub to hub, breaking everything along the way, to build up a lot of studs.

Another way to quickly earn studs is to earn and activate the stud multiplier red bricks. With all of them active at once, you will earn 3840 studs for each single stud you pick up.

Game Name: The LEGO Movie Video Game

Cheat Name: Getting Studs

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