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The LEGO Movie Video Game Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The LEGO Movie Video Game
  • Game Description: In The LEGO Movie Video Game you take on the role of Emmet who is a normal LEGO citizen that is pulled into this strange new situation that requires him to save the world! Emmet must take on an epic quest for which he is most unsuited, try to survive, and save the world!

Cheat Codes cheat for The LEGO Movie Video Game on Xbox 360

Head to the extra menu and then press start and go to "enter code", then enter one of the following to unlock the character indicated

Emmet (Lizard): UOOAQY
Mrs. Scratchen-Post: UP7HJQ
Larry the Barista: K7TDXJ
Abraham Lincoln – F3VG47
Cleopatra – P4YX22
Emmet (Clown) – FNHLTK
Emmet (Pajamas) – HJ4C21
Emmet (Old West) – NIHX2B
Gallant Guard – FXP9AN
Green Ninja – OSSVNI
Lady Liberty – A76DN7
Lord Vampyre – KGJ4DU
Panda Guy – NG73OM
Prospector – FHNCD1
Robo SWAT (Laser) – GFH2F8
Shakespeare – 31S3I5
Swamp Creature – BID12F
Vitruvious (Young) – BC2XJ5
Yeti – V4P96P

Game Name: The LEGO Movie Video Game

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