Xbox Live Gold Members Get Assassin’s Creed II Free


Starting tomorrow (June 16 for our international readers) through until the end of the month, Assassin’s Creed II will be available as a free download for Xbox Live Gold members.

The freebie comes as part of Xbox’s new “Games with Gold” program which was announced at E3 back in June. Basically up until the time the Xbox One is released (November) all Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive two free Xbox 360 games per month. It’s similar to the Playstation Plus model except these games are free to keep and play forever (not only as a long as you’re a Gold subscriber).

There’s also various pieces of Assassin’s Creed-related DLC and the season pass for Assassin’s Creed 3 on sale, so make sure you have a look around the Marketplace.

As for next steps what you need to do is: jump on Live, download the game, play it, and check out all our cheats, hints and tips. Enjoy!

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  • Entrep

    Halo 3 is also due to be given away free