Battlefield 3 Fastest Selling Title in EA’s History

It has just been announced that five million copies of Battlefield 3 were sold in the first week of the smash hit shooter’s release, making it the fastest selling game in the history of EA.

The immense success of BF3 could have been easily predicted though and would seem to be shown via the server outages and other online connection problems that some gamers have been experiencing. The question now is how will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fare and will the popularity of Battlefield 3 be affected by its release? Getting BF3 on store shelves before MW3 was crucial for EA and given the glowing reviews that the game has received, even those gamers who initially ignored it, opting to try and wait for MW3 instead, may have succumbed.

EA also advised that 73 million savior kills have been executed so far along with 48 million revives. 67 million vehicles have also been blown to pieces.

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