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Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Watch Dogs
  • Game Description: Chicago has the most advanced computer system in the entire world and today EVERYTHING is connected. In Watch Dogs you play the role of Aiden Pearce who is an excellent hacker and reformed thug who's violent past led to a family tragedy. He is now seeking revenge on those involved and will need to use the entire city of Chicago, along with its computer systems and all his hacking skills, as a weapon to reach his goals.

Witnesses and Being Chased cheat for Watch Dogs on Xbox 360

If you commit a crime and there are witnesses, they’ll call the police. While sometimes you’ll have to fight the police, it’s safer to escape them or avoid them entirely. Witnesses calling the police show up on your mini-map as red triangles, with borders that fill up according to the progress of the call. If you can stop the witness before the border is completely filled, the call won’t go through. However, beware of killing witnesses, because that will be another crime potentially witnessed by more people.
If you don’t stop the witnesses in time, or if you already know you won’t be able to, get out of the immediate crime area. Once a call gets through to the police, they’ll begin a ctOS scan. This will appear on your map as a small circle (area being searched) within a larger circle (entire area to be searched). Try not to get caught in the circles. If you can’t avoid them, find a place to hide.
If all that fails and the police begin to chase you, run and evade them until they call off the chase. Interestingly, only the helicopter—which you can deactivate through a hacking skill—will follow you if you take a boat out onto the water, so keep that in mind. Without a boat, however, your best option is to find a place to hide.
The search can’t see through the doors of closed parking lots/garages. They can see through gates, although a close gate will slow them.
For all chases—both when you’re being chased and when you’re chasing another character—hacking provides you with a number of ways to slow down your pursuer/target. Electrical panels and water pipes can both be used to hinder them. Steam pipes can be blown up to cave in the road. Traffic lights can be hacked to block the road with a crash. (If you use one of these methods in multiplayer, try to blend in with the NPCs around the disaster, because your opponents often won’t look for you there.)

Game Name: Watch Dogs

Cheat Name: Witnesses and Being Chased

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