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Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Watch Dogs
  • Game Description: Chicago has the most advanced computer system in the entire world and today EVERYTHING is connected. In Watch Dogs you play the role of Aiden Pearce who is an excellent hacker and reformed thug who's violent past led to a family tragedy. He is now seeking revenge on those involved and will need to use the entire city of Chicago, along with its computer systems and all his hacking skills, as a weapon to reach his goals.

Online Unlockables cheat for Watch Dogs on Xbox 360

Decryption Loadout: Chicago Way (includes Gangster MG, Chrome revolver, and frag grenades) – Reward for completing 3 Decryption games
Decryption Loadout: Firepower (includes G106 launcher, R-33 Machine Pistol, and IEDs) – Reward for completing 5 Decryption games
Decryption Loadout: Heavy Duty (includes U100 LMG, D12 Shotgun, and Proxy Mines) – Reward for completing 10 Decryption games
Livraga LE – Reward for completing 9 races
SG-90 – Reward for invading/observing a Fixer without failing
SO Vector .45ACP – Reward for invading/observing 5 Fixers without failing
OCP-11 – Reward for invading/hacking a Fixers without failing
MP-9mm – Reward for invading/hacking 5 Fixers without failing

Game Name: Watch Dogs

Cheat Name: Online Unlockables

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