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Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Watch Dogs
  • Game Description: Chicago has the most advanced computer system in the entire world and today EVERYTHING is connected. In Watch Dogs you play the role of Aiden Pearce who is an excellent hacker and reformed thug who's violent past led to a family tragedy. He is now seeking revenge on those involved and will need to use the entire city of Chicago, along with its computer systems and all his hacking skills, as a weapon to reach his goals.

Unlockable Badges cheat for Watch Dogs on Xbox 360

You will unlock badges when you meet certain criteria and “check in” with Aiden’s phone to the specified locations.

A More Perfect Union – Check into the John Hancock Center on July 4 (according to your console’s date).
Ahoy! – Check into the Chicago Yacht Club.
Architectural Marvels – Check into the Chicago World News Tower, Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and John Hancock Center.
Ashes To Ashes – Check into the Burned Down Factory.
Auto Graveyard – Check into the Junkyard 10 times.
Batter Up! – Check into May Stadium in multiplayer with 3 friends.
Best Buds – Check into a location in multiplayer a friend already checked into.
Big Kahuna – Become City Hall’s mayor.
Bridge Builder – Check into Bridge Construction, Cermak Bridge, and Vyvyn K. Turner Bridge.
Broken Rail – Check into the Abandoned Station in multiplayer with a friend.
Call Of The Water – Check into the Chicago Yacht Club and then into the Windy City Shipyards less than 90 seconds later.
Cemetery Waltz – Check into St. Joseph Cemetery at midnight according to your console’s time.
Centurion – Check in 100 times overall.
Crowd Surfer – Check into a location in multiplayer where four players are checked in.
Dam It! – Check into the Dam.
Double Wide – Check into Pawnee Trailer Park.
Fugitive – As the police chase you, check into Palin Correctional Center.
Getting Around – Check into 10 spots.
Got You Something – At check-in spots, leave 5 presents.
Green Thumb – While it rains, check into the Botanical Gardens.
Has Bean – Check into the Forever Sculpture, if you have the “Breakthrough” mission.
Honest Abe – Check into the Abraham Lincoln Statue.
Jewelers’ Delight – Check into 35 East Wacker Drive.
Keeper Of The Lighthouse – Check into Harbor Lighthouse.
Lumberjack – Check into Pawnee Mill.
Man On The Run – While max felony is active, check into a City Traveler spot.
Native Chicagoan – Check into every spot.
Newb – Check into a spot for the first time, if you have “The Palace” mission.
Newly Elected – Become a City Traveler spot’s mayor.
Nightcrawler – During a blackout, check into Blume.
Pack Your Bags – Check into the Owl Motel and then into the Crazy Moose Inn less than 240 seconds later.
Pier Pressure – Check into the Navy Pier Building.
Power Hungry – Be the mayor of 3 City Traveler spots at once.
Power Of Friendship – Check into a spot in multiplayer and have a friend check into the same spot less than 30 seconds later.
Regular – Check into the same spot 5 times within a week.
Romantic Getaway – Check into the Owl Motel with a friend in multiplayer after midnight according to your console’s time.
Sophisticated – Check into the Chicago Arts & Sciences Center, only if you have the “Signature Shot” mission
Take Five – Check into 5 different spots.
Theater Buff – Check into Ambrose Theatre, Cree Theater, and Phoebus Theater.
Top Of The World – Check into the 3 tallest buildings, which are the skyscrapers in the Loop and Mad Mile.
Uber Tourist – Check in 200 times overall.
Water Under The Bridge – Check into Cermak Bridge.
We Are Not Alone – During a communications disruption, check into WKZ-TV Center.

Game Name: Watch Dogs

Cheat Name: Unlockable Badges

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