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Saints Row: The Third Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saints Row: The Third
  • Game Description: The Third Street Saints are now a household brand name with their own line of sneakers, energy drinks and bobble head dolls! They certainly have come a long way after claiming Stilwater for their own those many years back. Other groups are becoming jealous of their status and new found celebrity status though and decide to test whether the Saints are still gangsters or just weak celebs. Enter The Syndicate. This global gang are determined to get their piece of the Saints' action and it is up to you to stop them.

Vehicle Spawn Codes cheat for Saints Row: The Third on Xbox 360

All the cheat codes in Saints Row: The Third must be entered using your cell phone. You need to press the "Back" button to bring it up, and then select "Extras" and then "Cheats". After that simply enter in one of the following cheat codes to activate the relevant cheat. Note that when you do activate a cheat, automatic saving will be disabled as well as the ability to earn any Achievements. You can manually save the game, although this is not recommended as it will impact your Achievement earning ability and may bring about other issues!

Ambulance: giveembulance

Anchor: giveanchor

Attrazione: giveattrazione

Bootlegger: givebootlegger

Challenger: givechallenger

Commander: givecommander

Condor: givecondor

Eagle: giveeagle

Estrada: giveestrada

F69 Vtol: givevtol

Gatmobile: givegatmobile

Kanada: givekanada

Kenshin: givekenshin

Knoxville: giveknoxville

Krukov: givekrukov

Miami: givemiami

Municipal: givemunicipal

Nforcer: givenforcer

Peacemaker: givepeacemaker

Pheonix: givepheonix

Reaper: givereaper

Sandstorm: givesandstorm

Shark: giveshark

Specter: givespecter

Squasar: givesquasar

Status Quo: givestatusquo

Taxi: givetaxi

Titan: givetitan

Toad: givetoad

Tornado: givetornado

Vortex: givevortex

VTOL: givevtol

Vulture: givevulture

Widowmaker: givewidowmaker

Woodpecker: givewoodpecker

Game Name: Saints Row: The Third

Cheat Name: Vehicle Spawn Codes

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