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Saints Row: The Third Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saints Row: The Third
  • Game Description: The Third Street Saints are now a household brand name with their own line of sneakers, energy drinks and bobble head dolls! They certainly have come a long way after claiming Stilwater for their own those many years back. Other groups are becoming jealous of their status and new found celebrity status though and decide to test whether the Saints are still gangsters or just weak celebs. Enter The Syndicate. This global gang are determined to get their piece of the Saints' action and it is up to you to stop them.

How to Kill Cyrus cheat for Saints Row: The Third on Xbox 360

On the second to last mission go to Friendly Fire and buy ammo for the RPG (if needed) and also upgrade the RPG until it has unlimited ammo.

You have to kill kill Bane and leave Shaundi to die, then go on the Stag Aircraft (in the last mission) and kill everyone. You should also plant the bombs on the missiles.

Then when you are at the end of the mission take out your RPG and shoot Cyrus and take him down with it.

Game Name: Saints Row: The Third

Cheat Name: How to Kill Cyrus

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