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Saint's Row IV Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saint's Row IV
  • Game Description: The crazy cast from the Third Street Saints is back in Saints Row IV, the fourth title in the much acclaimed Saint's Row series. This time round you will control the leader of the Saints who has managed to become the President of the United States of America (did we mention that the plot-lines in these games are usually crazy...). This time the enemy is also a little different - you won't be up against other gangs or even humans, but aliens!

World Effect Cheat Codes cheat for Saint's Row IV on Xbox 360

Here's all the world effect related cheat codes for Saint's Row IV. To use them, pause the game while playing (enter the HUB menu), then press "Extras" and go to "Cheats", then "Add Cheat".

Then you need to enter in one of the following to activate the effect listed. You'll hear a sound to let you know you've done it right.

Note: Both Achievements and Auto Save are deactivated when you use cheats. You can still save manually though (not recommended because then Achievements will be disabled for the rest of your game!).

Code: fryhole
Effect: all dead bodies will float into the air.

Code: isquishyou
Effect: all cars become like tanks and you can smash other vehicles very easily. To turn off you must load a clean saved game.

Code: hohoho
Effect: all pedestrians become pimps or prostitutes.

Code: mascot
Effect: all pedestrians become mascots

Code: evilcars
Effect: all vehicles on the road will target and attack you.

Code: ascii
Effect: enable ASCII mode.

Code: bigheadmode
Effect: Enable big head mode.

Code: noglitchcity
Effect: disables glitch FX.

Code: fastforward
Effect: speed up time.

Code: insanecity
Effect: enables pedestrian war mode.

Code: dui
Effect: makes all pedestrians drunk.

Code: imhuge
Effect: makes you massive.

Code: hidehud
Effect: hides the HUD.

Code: gravitykills
Effect: turns on low gravity mode.

Code: ragdoll
Effect: ragdoll mode for your player.

Code: bigbadaboom
Effect: turns on super explosions.

Code: ittybitty
Effect: makes your player tiny.

Game Name: Saint's Row IV

Cheat Name: World Effect Cheat Codes

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