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Saint's Row IV Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saint's Row IV
  • Game Description: The crazy cast from the Third Street Saints is back in Saints Row IV, the fourth title in the much acclaimed Saint's Row series. This time round you will control the leader of the Saints who has managed to become the President of the United States of America (did we mention that the plot-lines in these games are usually crazy...). This time the enemy is also a little different - you won't be up against other gangs or even humans, but aliens!

How to Unlock the Dubstep Gun cheat for Saint's Row IV on Xbox 360

First need to complete either The Real World or the Hello Teacup missions. This will unlock a side mission called Campaign Trail of Destruction.

Once you've chosen the side mission talk to Keith David on your ship. Use portal in Brickston Steelport to get there.

Next go to the race in Yearwood Steelport. Get a least bronze medal in this Blazin' Challenge. This means you need to finish with at least 10 seconds left on the clock.

Next go to Loren Square Steelport. Star doing the flashpoint and do as much damage as you can using the Singularity Gun. Again, you need to get bronze which means at least 300,000 points.

Now go to Bridgeport Steelport and kill all the Zin army, enabling you to reclaim the area.

Finally go to the top part of Bridgeport, just underneath The Grove. This is where you need to kill an evil version of yourself! There is three ones to choose from, but only one is the one you need to kill! Make sure you get it right!

Now you can go back to Keith and claim your Dubstep Gun!

Game Name: Saint's Row IV

Cheat Name: How to Unlock the Dubstep Gun

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