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Saint's Row IV Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saint's Row IV
  • Game Description: The crazy cast from the Third Street Saints is back in Saints Row IV, the fourth title in the much acclaimed Saint's Row series. This time round you will control the leader of the Saints who has managed to become the President of the United States of America (did we mention that the plot-lines in these games are usually crazy...). This time the enemy is also a little different - you won't be up against other gangs or even humans, but aliens!

Unlock Singularity Gun Guide cheat for Saint's Row IV on Xbox 360

The Singularity Gun shoots black holes. You'll want one. Here's how to unlock it.

You need to do Johnny Gat’s mission "WWGD" - you can choose it via the quest menu.

Go to the Real World via any portal and go down the stairs and to the right. Talk To Johnny Gat.

Then go back into the Simulation and go to the West part of Steelport, Rosen Oaks specifically. Destory three generators (on the floating platforms). You'll need to super jump to get to the generators. Also watch out for the alien on the turret near the second generator.

Once that's done you need to do a divekick to cause death from above and take out most of the aliens around the controller on the ground. Clean up any survivors and then destory the controller.

Next keep going West to Yearwood and take out 20 Saints Flow cans/mascots. It's easiest to freeze blast them and then super sprint to destroy them.

Then go to The Flashpoint found in Burns Hill. Use freeze blast and stomp to take out the alients around you and then fight The Warden. Use your buffs for this fight and your Dubstep Gun to defeat him.

Go back to Yearwood and get ready to cause some Tank Mayhem. You will have 3 mins 30 secs to cause as much damage as possible. 600,000 score gets you bronze, 1,400,00 silver and 2,000,000 will get gold.

Then take over the Flashpoint in Yearwood, killing any Zin troops as you please.

Finally exit the Simulation using any portal and go back to Johnny to receive your Singularity Gun.

Game Name: Saint's Row IV

Cheat Name: Unlock Singularity Gun Guide

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