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Saint's Row IV Xbox 360 Cheats


Ability Cheat Codes cheat for Saint's Row IV on Xbox 360

game name:

Saint's Row IV

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Ability Cheat Codes


Here's all the player ability related cheat codes for Saint's Row IV. To use them, pause the game while playing (enter the HUB menu), then press "Extras" and go to "Cheats", then "Add Cheat".

Then you need to enter in one of the following to activate the effect listed. You'll hear a sound to let you know you've done it right.

Note: Both Achievements and Auto Save are deactivated when you use cheats. You can still save manually though (not recommended because then Achievements will be disabled for the rest of your game!).

Code: cheese
Effect: gives you $100,000 each time (can be spammed for lots of cash).

Code: letsrock
Effect: give you lots of random weapons.

Code: goodygoody
Effect: remove your Notoriety.

Code: vroom
Effect: turns on no damage mode for vehicles.

Code: runfast
Effect: you can super-sprint indefinitely/unlimited.

Code: repaircar
Effect: repairs your current vehicle.

Code: nowardens
Effect: stops the spawning of wardens.

Code: instantwarden
Effect: gives you instant warden notoriety.

Code: superblast
Effect: unlocks blast for you (superpower).

Code: superbuff
Effect: unlocks buff for you (superpower).

Code: supersaints
Effect: unlock the "Super Saints" superpower.

Code: superdfa
Effect: unlocks Death from Above (superpower).

Code: superstomp
Effect: unlocks Stomp (superpower).

Code: supertk
Effect: unlocks telekinesis for you (superpower).

Code: nosupermove
Effect: disables all super movement.

Code: nosuperpowers
Effect: disables all super powers.

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