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Goat Simulator Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Goat Simulator
  • Game Description: No longer fantasize about becoming a goat - you can live as one in this game and do everything you always wanted to... as a goat. No, seriously!

Unlockables cheat for Goat Simulator on Xbox 360

Angel Goat – Do not move or perform any action for 5 straight minutes. The “special action” button makes the Angel Goat hover.
Builder Goat – Go to the “Goat City Bay” area and find one of the Minecraft blocks.
Tall Goat (giraffe) – Find 5 of the Golden Goat Trophies.
Feather Goat (ostrich) – Find 10 of the Golden Goat trophies. The ostrich can jump well and fall slowly.
Giant Goat (whale) – Find 20 of the Golden Goat trophies. The whale can blow water.
Space Goat (alien) – Find 30 of the Golden Goat trophies.
Goatborn – You must earn the “Alexander Goatstafsson” achievement.
Sweet Autumn Goat – You must earn the “Trying to Bring Forth Sanctum 3?” achievement.
Devil Goat – Find the electrical tower in the suburbs, near the two water slides. There is a pentagram next to the tower. You must drag five human bodies (or goat bodies, if you have the Goat King ability) onto the pentagram. The “special action” button makes the Devil Goat summon a black hole.
Goat Queen – Ascend the stairs of the tower near your starting spawn point. Enter the throne room and stand on the throne. The “special action” button makes the Goat Queen cause goats to pour down from the sky.
Ripped Goat – Go to the fighting ring and knock all of the goats out of it. The Ripped Goat is more powerful than the regular goat.
Robot Goat – Grab the robot from the blue container and take it to the pentagram in the forest. Put it there, along with the two Sanctum statues. One is on the second floor of the tower with the throne room and the other is in a brown house, both of which are near your starting spawn point.
Slender Goat – While not an official unlockable, entering a custom game with both Space Goat and Ripped Goat applied will turn you into the Slenderman-esque Slender Goat.

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