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Goat Simulator Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Goat Simulator
  • Game Description: No longer fantasize about becoming a goat - you can live as one in this game and do everything you always wanted to... as a goat. No, seriously!

Power Overwhelming Challenge cheat for Goat Simulator on Xbox 360

Search the areas described below to find the car batteries to speed up the roller coaster for the “Power Overwhelming” challenge.

Battery 1 – Leave the transformers and walk along the deck in the direction of the river.
Battery 2 – Check the top area of the Put-In Hotel, on the other side of the Deadmau5 concert.
Battery 3 – Enter the Put-In Hotel from the back and check the bar.
Battery 4 – Enter the alleyway across from the Put-In Hotel and take the battery from the red container.
Battery 5 – On the left of Weather’s hat shop, use the fan to reach the roof. Check the area to your left, behind the barrels.
Battery 6 – Go to the roof across from the roller coaster, run up the wall to the mattress, and use the mattress to reach the next roof, with the water tower on it. Check below the water tower.

Game Name: Goat Simulator

Cheat Name: Power Overwhelming Challenge

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