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Goat Simulator Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Goat Simulator
  • Game Description: No longer fantasize about becoming a goat - you can live as one in this game and do everything you always wanted to... as a goat. No, seriously!

I Freakin Love Goats cheat for Goat Simulator on Xbox 360

Search the locations described below to find the collectibles for the “I Freaking Love Goats” achievement.

Collectible 1 – Go to the roller coaster and use the nearby lift to reach the top.
Collectible 2 – Head into town near the Walker statue and check the store windows.
Collectible 3 – Search the Haunted Graveyard. A collectible is on one of the graves.
Collectible 4 – Check the wind turbines. It is on top of one.
Collectible 5 – Search the Art Gallery. It is on a piece of art.
Collectible 6 – Search the front door of the Put-In Hotel.
Collectible 7 – Search the back door of the Put-In Hotel.
Collectible 8 – Search the terrace of the Put-In Hotel.
Collectible 9 – Search the Put-In Hotel’s uppermost roof.
Collectible 10 – Check the roofs of the buildings around the Put-In Hotel.
Collectible 11 – Find a building with large glass windows and check its roof.
Collectible 12 – Enter the sewer and search the area near the mutated turtles.
Collectible 13 – Search the catapult by the flood barrier.
Collectible 14 – Climb the “tree house” and check the very top.
Collectible 15 – Check a water tower on a roof.
Collectible 16 – Check the balconies to find a collectible sitting on a table.
Collectible 17 – Search alongside the river.
Collectible 18 – Find an alleyway filled with trash and search it.
Collectible 19 – Go to Cabrito Park and search the nearby coast.

Game Name: Goat Simulator

Cheat Name: I Freakin Love Goats

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