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Goat Simulator Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Goat Simulator
  • Game Description: No longer fantasize about becoming a goat - you can live as one in this game and do everything you always wanted to... as a goat. No, seriously!

Golden Goat Trophies cheat for Goat Simulator on Xbox 360

Search locations described below to find all 30 of the Golden Goat trophies.

Golden Goat 1 – Look on top of the shed you can use to access the power lines.
Golden Goat 2 – From the school, cross the street to another shed. Walk around the side by the road and search behind the shed.
Golden Goat 3 – Climb to the top of the school and enter ragdoll mode to squeeze under the bell.
Golden Goat 4 – Get the jetpack and go to the crane. Find the seated NPC, turn, and jump to the highest part you can reach. From there, use the jetpack to reach the top. Climb the cable to the very top.
Golden Goat 5 – Find the shed with the fan on top near the road. Use it to access the power lines. The trophy is on the lowest one.
Golden Goat 6 – Look behind the Boulder of Doom.
Golden Goat 7 – Search alongside the Size Changing Pit.
Golden Goat 8 – Head around behind the Goat Fight Club and check along the fence.
Golden Goat 9 – Search the bushes under the water slide.
Golden Goat 10 – Head to the Low Gravity building with a jetpack. Use the jetpack in the fan room to reach the scaffolding of the control room. Make your way to the highest beam and search the furthest corner.
Golden Goat 11 – In the Low Gravity building, use the fan to access the vent on the roof.
Golden Goat 12 – Reach the top of the Low Gravity building and search beneath the spinning arms.
Golden Goat 13 – Find the harvester and search near the car parked by it.
Golden Goat 14 – Search beneath the tower by the Goatagram.
Golden Goat 15 – Go to the construction site and make your way to the scaffolding platform.
Golden Goat 16 – Enter the tower near the spawn point and look behind the goat at the top.
Golden Goat 17 – Go to the field and look under the tree.
Golden Goat 18 – Search Coffee Stain Studios.
Golden Goat 19 – Look on top of the chimney of Coffee Stain Studios.
Golden Goat 20 – Find the outhouse. Search the area to its right.
Golden Goat 21 – Check the diving boards.
Golden Goat 22 – Go to the crane and start from the NPC. Use the fans to build height, and land in the blue container hanging down from the crane. As soon as you land, headbutt the robot.
Golden Goat 23 – Search the construction site for a blue container alongside the road, and look inside.
Golden Goat 24 – Look behind the stage used by the Protesters.
Golden Goat 25 – Look in the gas station.
Golden Goat 26 – From the spawn point, enter the nearby house and check the corner of its bedroom.
Golden Goat 27 – Search the greenhouse located near where the Time Trial begins.
Golden Goat 28 – Check the branches of the trees in between the empty swimming pool and the party.
Golden Goat 29 – Go to Goat Castle and enter the throne room. Look to your left.
Golden Goat 30 – Go to Goat Castle and climb to the top of the nearest utility pole.

Game Name: Goat Simulator

Cheat Name: Golden Goat Trophies

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