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Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Gears of War 2
Game Description: Do you know how many copies the block buster third person tactical game Gears of War sold? 4.7 million. Then imagine how well its sequel would do. Gears of War 2, developed exclusively for Xbox 360, is set six months after the events of Gears of War and continues human kind's epic war against the nightmarish force of underground creatures known as Locust Horde. Marcus Fenix, the reluctant war hero, leads Delta Squad on a series of missions to save Earth and humankind. Gears of War 2 is a story of survival, loss and retribution enhanced by high definition visuals and the best-in-class third person shooter.


Achievements cheat for Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360

game name:

Gears of War 2

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Green as Grass - Train the rook (any difficulty) - 10 points
It's a Trap! - Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 2 - 10 points
Escort Service - Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 4 - 10 points
Girl About Town - Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 6 - 10 points
That Sinking Feeling - Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 4 - 10 points
Freebaird! - Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 5 - 10 points
Heartbroken - Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 6 - 10 points
Longitude and Attitude - Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 3 - 10 points
Tanks for the Memories - Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 4 - 10 points
Water Sports - Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 6 - 10 points
There's a Time for Us - Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 2 - 10 points
Better Wrapped in Beacon - Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 3 - 10 points
Have Fun Storming the Castle - Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 6 - 10 points
And the Horse You Rode in On - Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 1 - 10 points
You Are the Support, Son - Story progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 - 10 points
Brumak Rodeo - Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 4 - 10 points
Does This Look Infected to You? - Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 5 - 10 points
Tourist of Duty - Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty - 25 points
Guerilla Tactician - Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty - 50 points
Artist of War - Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty - 75 points
Suicide Missionary - Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty - 150 points
Collector - Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty) - 5 points
Pack Rat - Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty) - 15 points
Completionist - Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty) - 30 points
One-Night Stand - Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) - 10 points
Open Relationship - Complete 10 points chapters in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) - 30 points
Friends with Benefits - Complete all acts in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) - 50 points
Once More, With Feeling - Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode) - 10 points
Takes a Licking - Melee 30 Tickers (any mode) - 30 points
Organ Grinder - Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode) - 10 points
Shock and Awe - Kill 30 points enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode) - 10 points
Said the Spider to the Fly - Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode) - 10 points
Crowd Control - Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode) - 10 points
Smells Like Victory - Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode) - 10 points
Variety Is the Spice of Death - Kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (any mode) - 30 points
Seriously 2.0 points - Kill 100,000 points enemies (any mode) - 50 points
Standing Here, Beside Myself - Win 3 matches of Wingman (public) - 10 points
Beat the Meatflag - Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (public) - 10 points
It's Good to be the King - Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (public) - 10 points
You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine - Win three matches of King of the Hill (public) - 10 points
Back to Basic - Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer Training Grounds - 10 points
Party Like It's 1999 - Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode) - 30 points
Around the World, Again - Win a multiplayer match on each map (any mode) - 30 points
Dirty, Dirty Horde - Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) - 20 points
Hoard the Horde - Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) - 30 points
Crossed Swords – Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode) - 10 points
A Parting Gift – Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode) - 20 points
Pound of Flesh – Use a meatshield to save your life 10 times (any mode) - 10 points
Photojournalist - Submit a spectator photo – 10 points
Kick 'Em When They're Down – Perform all 11 unique executions on a downed enemy - 10 points

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