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Fable: Anniversary Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable: Anniversary
  • Game Description: Return to the world of Fable and relive the original adventure with HD graphics, achievement support, enhanced gameplay, and the core features that made Fable a best-seller. Create your character and forge your own path through the game. Whether you choose good or evil, your every action will shape your character to make a unique experience.

Silver Key Locations Guide cheat for Fable: Anniversary on Xbox 360

30 Silver Keys are hidden throughout the game. Silver Keys unlock Silver Chests, in which you will find special weapons, armor, and potions. You can also give them to the Demon Door at Necropolis to open it, but since you will lose those keys forever, you should open the Silver Chests first. Search the locations below to find all 30 Silver Keys, which will earn you the achievement “You Are A Super Player.” The game saves every time you pick up a Silver Key, so you do not have to finish the quest you are on, if you only want the key.

Silver Key #1 – When you leave the guild for the first time, there are some vines nearby that you can destroy. Do so to find the first key.
Silver Key #2 – When you enter Bowerstone South, search the second floor of the first building to your left to find the second key.
Silver Key #3 – Once you get a fishing rod, return to the Guild, go to the Guild Woods, and find the fishing spot. There is only one. You can fish to find the third key.
Silver Key #4 – When you enter Greatwood Lake, head to your right to find the fourth key.
Silver Key #5 – Go to the dock near the site of the Hobbe Killing Contest, and fish to find the fifth key.
Silver Key #6 – Rescue the fisherman at Fisher Creek and fish at the fishing spots near his house to find the sixth key.
Silver Key #7 – Dig up the seventh key from the round flower bed by the Rose Cottage in Greatwood.
Silver Key #8 – Dig up the eighth key near the end of Hobbe Cave, near where you found James for the “Hobbe Cave Quest.”
Silver Key #9 – Find the special stone outside of the Darkwood Bordello and shoot an arrow through the hole in it to find the ninth key.
Silver Key #10 – In Darkwood, head to the Ancient Cullis Gate, and try the fishing spots on the sides of the dock to find the tenth key.
Silver Key #11 – Once you take care of the Ghost Pirate on Oakvale’s beach, you will be able to enter the Chicken Kicking Competition. Earn 150 points to win the eleventh key.
Silver Key #12 – Dig up the twelfth key in the southern area of Twinblade’s Camp.
Silver Key #13 – At the Grey House, make your way toward the Demon Door until you find the fishing spot. Fish there to find the thirteenth key.
Silver Key #14 – When you enter Witchwood Stones, search the water to your left to get the fourteenth key.
Silver Key #15 – Dig up the fifteenth key from under the red statue in Witchwood Lake. As you move through the area, the statue should be to your left.
Silver Key #16 – There is a house in Knothole Glade that you can buy. The sixteenth key is between that house and the one to its left.
Silver Key #17 – Search the bed in Bowerstone Manor to find the seventeenth key. To gain access to the manor, you must either become Bowerstone North’s mayor, or marry Lady Grey.
Silver Key #18 – Dig up the eighteenth key from the dirt to the left of the house in Windmill Hill.
Silver Key #19 – On your way to Gibbet Woods, head for the windmill. You can dig up the nineteenth key behind the windmill.
Silver Key #20 – You can only find the 20th silver key if you marry Lady Grey. Marrying Lady Grey will grant you access to Headman’s Hill, and you can get the key by fishing at the fishing spot near the cave.
Silver Key #21 – In the Lychfield Graveyard, fish at the fishing spot near the entrance to find the 21st key.
Silver Key #22 – Dig up the 22nd key from the southwestern grave in the Lychfield Graveyard.
Silver Key #23 – Near the southwestern grave in Lychfield Graveyard, you will find a building. Loot the casket near the building to get the 23rd key.
Silver Key #24 – Take the cliffside path to Bargate Prison to rescue your Mother and pick up the 24th key on the way.
Silver Key #25 – When you disembark the Ship of the Drowned at Lost Bay, you will see a grave near a house. Dig up the 25th key from the grave.
Silver Key #26 – At Necropolis, there is a Demon Door near a broken bridge, with a fishing spot nearby. Fish there to get the 26th key.
Silver Key #27 – Go to the Lighthouse where you fought Maze and search the cabinet to find the 27th key.
Silver Key #28 – Once you give the teacher at Bowerstone 25 books, you will get the 28th key.
Silver Key #29 – After you save the fisherman in Fisher Creek, you can return there later to enter a fishing competition. The second-place prize is the 29th key.
Silver Key #30 – When you help the Ghost Pirate on Oakvale’s beach, he will tell you the location of his treasure. Go to the Memorial Garden and dig up a weapon and the 30th key from under your Father’s grave. If you can’t find it, make sure you are digging close to the statue.

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