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Fable: Anniversary Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable: Anniversary
  • Game Description: Return to the world of Fable and relive the original adventure with HD graphics, achievement support, enhanced gameplay, and the core features that made Fable a best-seller. Create your character and forge your own path through the game. Whether you choose good or evil, your every action will shape your character to make a unique experience.

Legendary Armor cheat for Fable: Anniversary on Xbox 360

To get the Legendary Armor, Archon’s Battle Armor Set, you must unlock the Silver Chest at Necropolis with 25 Silver Keys.

The set contains:
Archon’s Battle Helmet (111)
Archon’s Battle Gauntlets (111)
Archon’s Battle Chest Piece (444)
Archon’s Battle Leggings (388)
Archon’s Battle Boots (55)

It has values of:
Total Armor Rating: 1109
Attractiveness: +40
Scariness: +60
Alignment Modifier: 0

If you do not have enough keys to get Archon’s Battle Set, you can create lesser, but similar, armor sets:
Bright Platemail Suit (Full Set) and the Holy Warrior Helm
Dark Platemail Suit (Full Set) and the Daemon Warrior Helm

Game Name: Fable: Anniversary

Cheat Name: Legendary Armor

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