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Fable: Anniversary Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable: Anniversary
  • Game Description: Return to the world of Fable and relive the original adventure with HD graphics, achievement support, enhanced gameplay, and the core features that made Fable a best-seller. Create your character and forge your own path through the game. Whether you choose good or evil, your every action will shape your character to make a unique experience.

Demon Door Locations Guide cheat for Fable: Anniversary on Xbox 360

There are fifteen Demon Doors in the game. If you open all fifteen doors or use the “middle finger” expression on a Demon Door, you will earn the “Open Saysmemiddlefinger” achievement. They appear to be gray doors with faces, which talk to you when you approach, and you open them by overcoming a challenge. The game saves every time you open a Demon Door, so you do not have to finish the quest you are on once you collect your reward. Follow the instructions below to open all 15 Demon Doors.

Demon Door #1 – The Library Arcanum
Location: Heroes’ Guild; you must open this door before you accept the “Try to Stop Jack of Blades” quest.
Challenge: “Your path is dark. Only a light will reveal it. And you are not bright enough.”
Solution: Open your inventory and turn on your lamp.
Reward: Making Friends, Book of Spells, Howl Tattoo, and Elixir of Life

Demon Door #2 – The Arboretum
Location: Greatwood Gorge
Challenge: “This is the deal. You perform an act of great evil in my sight, and I’ll pop open.”
Solution: If you are 100% evil, the door will open. Otherwise, you must eat 11 Crunchy Chicks in front of the door.
Reward: Wellow’s Pickhammer

Demon Door #3 – Darkwood Sanctum
Location: Darkwood Marshes
Challenge: “Beware, traveler—I block the way to all but the most combat-hardened. If you request, my Guardians will test your mettle in combat. Meet their challenge, and the reward I hide is yours.”
Solution: The door will summon numerous Hobbes, and you must defeat them all.
Reward: Dark Will User’s Outfit

Demon Door #4 – The Old Kingdom Spring
Location: Barrow Fields
Challenge: “Oh no, not again. Another bony adventurer seeking to plunder my riches. I’m not interested in your meager frame. Get some meat on you! I want beefy! Blubbery! Plump! Porcine! Stop being a slave to public perception, and treat yourself. Pies, meat, beer, anything; but lots of it! Eat yourself large, and you’ll be welcome here!”
Solution: You must eat food until your character is obese.
Reward: Will Master’s Elixir

Demon Door #5 – The Secret Haven
Location: Rose Cottage
Challenge: “I never open on a first date. My heart has been broken too many times before. I could only let someone who really loved me through.”
Solution: You can either give the door a romantic gift (such as roses or chocolates) or ask it to marry you, although that method is expensive.
Reward: Bright Will User’s Outfit

Demon Door #6 – The Butterfly House
Location: Greatwood Caves
Challenge: “I need to see your Combat Multiplier get higher before I swing ajar.”
Solution: Return to the door once your active combat multiplier has crossed 14. Hobbe Cave is a good place to achieve the high multiplier.
Reward: Cutlass Bluetane

Demon Door #7 – Witchwood Cavern
Location: Witchwood Stones
Challenge: “I only open to those who know my name. If you know it, find and hit the magic stones to spell it out. Only one person knows my name, but I doubt you’ll find him. Even at the Temple of Avo.”
Solution: Strike the stones one at a time to spell “HITS.”
Reward: Health Augmentation, Chainmail Leggings, and books

Demon Door #8 – The Hidden Copse
Location: Knothole Glade
Challenge: “If you can hurt my face with an arrow, I’ll crack wide open for you.”
Solution: Use a Longbow or Crossbow that has at least Ebony quality, such as a Master bow or Scorm’s Bow, to shoot the door in the face. You can also accomplish this with an Oak Longbow or Crossbow if you charge it or use your Multi Arrow spell. A third option is to hit the door’s face with a level 2 Fireball.
Reward: Elixir of Life

Demon Door #9 – The Bitter Shrine
Location: Abandoned Road
Challenge: “What? Oh. You’re not one of them, are you? My eyesight’s not what it used to be. One was a gallant knight. His plate armour was so shiny. Probably what did my eyes in. Then there was an evil mage, wore the darkest magical robes you ever saw. The last was a rogue—a bandit, bit like the chaps here.”
Solution: You must first talk to the door while wearing the Bright Platemail Suit, then the Dark Will User’s Outfit, and then the Bandit Outfit.
Reward: Dollmaster’s Mace

Demon Door #10 – Gibbet Woods
Location: Headsman’s Hill; however, the door’s face will vanish if you turn Lady Grey in instead of marrying her.
Challenge: “Only by defeating another Hero in combat will I open for you. Got that? I mean, how simple are you?
Solution: In the “Mayor’s Invitation” quest, you must defeat Thunder.
Rewards: Mana Augmentation and Thunder’s Helmet

Demon Door #11 – The Lost Garden
Location: Grey House
Challenge: “Single men not allowed. You need a ball and chain. A posh one with a title.”
Solution: You must marry Lady Grey.
Reward: Ronok the Axe

Demon Door #12 – Old Graveyard Path
Location: Lychfield Graveyard
Challenge: “Leave me alone, you organic pustule. I only open for Nostro, the ancient guardian of the door. Not for you. And not for that rancid gravekeeper.”
Solution: Find all of the pieces of Nostro’s armor and return them to Nostro’s skeleton.
Reward: Bargate Prison (new location)

Demon Door #13 – Prophets’ Chamber
Location: Lookout Point
Challenge: “You bear the mask of Jack of Blades. The Prophets had foreseen the coming of such a legend among Heroes. The rise of the summoners in the Northern Wastes marks the arrival of a new threat to all things living. We have long dreaded this portent. Behind my walls lies the Fire Heart. There you will speak to the Prophets who watch over it. You may enter now. But beware the beating of the Heart. It has burned many before you.”
Solution: Solve all of the puzzles presented to you.
Reward: The Fire Heart

Demon Door #14 – Bleached Bone Island
Location: The Necropolis
Challenge: “I never wanted to be a Demon Door. All this waiting around. All the riddles. It’s no life. Oh, if only I’d been born a Silver Key chest. I just love those little Silver keys. So shiny… So silver… I’d do anything for some of my own. Give me yours, please? I’ll let you through and everything.”
Solution: You must hand over all of your Silver Keys, unless you have not found any. If you have Silver Keys, open all of the Silver Chests before you open this door, or you will lose your keys to it and not be able to!
Reward: The Bereaver

Demon Door #15 – The Desolate Abbey
Location: Darkwood Bordello
Challenge: “It’s a hard life being a stone door. You know when I last had a physical relationship? No? Try “never.” So, I’ve decided to live vicariously. Now, I only open to “men of the world,” and I’m afraid you haven’t even left the house yet. Come back when you’re a real stud.”
Solution: Return to the door after you’ve had sex at least 10 times.
Reward: Pimp Hat

Game Name: Fable: Anniversary

Cheat Name: Demon Door Locations Guide

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