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Fable: Anniversary Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable: Anniversary
  • Game Description: Return to the world of Fable and relive the original adventure with HD graphics, achievement support, enhanced gameplay, and the core features that made Fable a best-seller. Create your character and forge your own path through the game. Whether you choose good or evil, your every action will shape your character to make a unique experience.

Earn Infinite Gold cheat for Fable: Anniversary on Xbox 360

Follow the instructions below to earn infinite gold with a house.
First, you must buy the Marital Home for 16,000 gold.
Use the sign outside to hang trophies on the walls inside. This will improve the value of your house.
Use a weapon to break the entrance to your house.
Go to the sign outside again and sell the Marital Home for 20,500 gold.
Break into the house and take back the trophies.
Repeat this process until you have as much gold as you want.

Game Name: Fable: Anniversary

Cheat Name: Earn Infinite Gold

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