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Dark Souls II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dark Souls II
  • Game Description: Prepare to die yet again in the sequel to the notorious action RPG, Dark Souls. The hero, story, and world are fresh and new, but the gameplay remains as challenging as ever. Explore a world that has fallen into darkness, fight terrifying enemies that will bring you an inch away from death, and join others in a unique multiplayer mode.

World Map Guide & Key Locations cheat for Dark Souls II on Xbox 360

Use this map to aid your navigation and find key locations.
The game begins at Things Betwixt. One of the first places you want to go to is Majula. You can get there by going south and then turning. At Majula, you’ll be able to visit the Mansion, Victor’s Stone, Leningrast, and the Way of Blue, as well as talk to Gilligan the laddersmith, Chloanne the stone trader, Rosabeth the pyromancy trainer, and merchants. Other characters, such as Licia of Lindelt, will eventually come to Majula. It also leads to the Grave of Saints, the Gutter, and Black Gulch.

If you go north instead of south when you leave Things Betwixt, you will reach the Shaded Woods. There are three possible paths from the Shaded Woods. The west road, which you can pass through only after you either kill the four Old Ones or get one million soul memory, leads to the Shrine of Winter. From there, you can go to Drangleic Castle and the Throne of Want. Drangleic Castle leads to the Shrine of Amana and the Undead Crypt. If you go north from the Shaded Woods, you will reach Aldia’s Keep, the Dragon Aerie, and the Dragon Shrine. If you go east from the Shaded Woods, you will go to the Mist Area, which leads to the Shaded Ruins and the Doors of Pharros. From there, you have a choice of either Brightstone Cove Tseldora or the Rat Authority boss.

You can leave Majula to reach the Forest of Fallen Giants, which will probably be the first area you explore. From there, you can go to Cardinal Tower and the Memory of Jeigh. This area also provides a way to reach the Lost Bastille.

You can also leave Majula to go to Heide’s Tower of Flame. From there, you can go to the Blue Cathedral or No Man’s Wharf, which leads to the Lost Bastille. The Lost Bastille connects to Belfry Luna and Sinner’s Rise, and you can also find McDuff, who infuses your weapons, and Straid, who trades boss weapons.

Once you talk to Licia enough times, you’ll be able to take another path instead of going to Heide’s Tower. You can go to the Huntsman’s Copse, which leads to Undead Purgatory or Harvest Valley. From Harvest Valley, you can reach Earthen Peak, Iron Keep, and Belfry Sol.

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