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Dark Souls II Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dark Souls II
Game Description: Prepare to die yet again in the sequel to the notorious action RPG, Dark Souls. The hero, story, and world are fresh and new, but the gameplay remains as challenging as ever. Explore a world that has fallen into darkness, fight terrifying enemies that will bring you an inch away from death, and join others in a unique multiplayer mode.


Equipment Guide cheat for Dark Souls II on Xbox 360

game name:

Dark Souls II

cheat title:

Equipment Guide


To protect yourself without hindering your maneuverability, use armor that doesn’t raise your weight above 70%. Try to get weapons that scale to the dexterity stat, such as the falchion. Dual wield the scimitar and the falchion to keep them from degrading too quickly, and upgrade them as soon as you can. If you keep the boss soul of the Flexile Sentry in No Man’s Wharf, you can exchange it for the Warped Sword, which works with stats of 15 strength and 25 dexterity.
Equip the Ring of Binding, which lets you keep 80% of your health when you’re hollowed, the Chloranthy Ring, which increases your stamina regeneration by 3.5%, or the Bracing Knuckle Ring, which lowers the degradation of your equipment by 20%.

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