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Dark Souls II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dark Souls II
  • Game Description: Prepare to die yet again in the sequel to the notorious action RPG, Dark Souls. The hero, story, and world are fresh and new, but the gameplay remains as challenging as ever. Explore a world that has fallen into darkness, fight terrifying enemies that will bring you an inch away from death, and join others in a unique multiplayer mode.

Miscellaneous Hints and Tips cheat for Dark Souls II on Xbox 360

You can level up by going to the Emerald Herald near the northeastern cliff of Majula. She will also give you the Estus flask, which you can later upgrade to use more often.

When you use a bonfire, all enemies will respawn, so make careful use of bonfires. Conserve your Estus as much as you can by using Lifegems and magic to restore your health, saving Estus for when you are in a truly dangerous situation, such as a boss fight.

Try to keep your weight light to increase your agility and use less Stamina. Aim for lower than 75% capacity. Even if you prefer to use heavy armor, consider keeping a set of light armor for a situation that requires speed.

Some chests are trapped or are actually Mimics. Keep a weak weapon on hand and use it to strike each chest before you open it, to make sure it isn’t a trap.

Keep a close watch on the red bar on your weapon icon, which shows its durability. You can restore the gauge at a bonfire. The weapon will break and need to be repaired if it goes all the way down.

Don’t always rely on guarding to avoid damage. Rolling and parrying can be quite effective. Parries have the added bonus of allowing you to break certain combo attacks.

When you encounter a new boss for the first time, spend some time studying it and learning its attacks. Do not go on the offensive until you understand the boss and have a strategy.

The Tower of Flame is a good place to build up souls. It is populated with Old Knights, enemies that are powerful, but very slow. You’ll get 400 souls for each one you kill.

Once you can buy the Cat Ring, do so, and you will be able to travel down the hole in the hub area. Search through the new area for useful items, and don’t miss the Fragrant Branch of Yore, which will open up a new path.

In Forest of the Fallen Giants, talk to the shop owner at the second bonfire to buy the key to the Blacksmith’s shop in Majula for 1000 souls.

Just beyond the second bonfire in Forest of the Fallen Giants, talk to the Knight. Kill the enemies in the next area and then the Knight will give you the White Soap Stone, which activates the ability to play online with friends.

On the eastern side of Majula, head toward the cliff to find the monument where you can enter the Champion’s Covenant.

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