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Dark Souls II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dark Souls II
  • Game Description: Prepare to die yet again in the sequel to the notorious action RPG, Dark Souls. The hero, story, and world are fresh and new, but the gameplay remains as challenging as ever. Explore a world that has fallen into darkness, fight terrifying enemies that will bring you an inch away from death, and join others in a unique multiplayer mode.

Miscellaneous Hints and Tips cheat for Dark Souls II on Xbox 360

Explore the starting area and go through the misty doors to get the hang of the gameplay, practice fighting, and find items and souls.

If you find yourself stuck, go back and look for a different route or a hidden path.

Find every bonfire as soon as you can.

If you feel like you’re too weak, you can fight enemies repeatedly near a bonfire to grind for souls.

Keep a shield equipped in a spare equipment slot and hold it up by pressing L1 as you explore.

Keep some sort of ranged weapon with you, whether it’s a bow, throwing knives, bombs, etc.

When you find yourself fighting strong enemies, try to move the battle to a place you can reach safely, to retrieve your souls if you die. If you’re really overmatched, run.

Check out every bloodstain to see what other players might be warning you about.

Use your lock-on ability, especially against tough enemies, and strafe from side to side. If you move fast, you can get up close enough to some enemies that they won’t be able to see you.

If there is a group of enemies up again, separate them to fight them one at a time. Arrows and soul arrows can be used to lure one away.

If you invade another player’s game and defeat them, you will be restored in your own game, just as you would if you’d use a Human Effigy.

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