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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • Game Description: 2012 will see the addition of Black Ops 2 to Activision's infamous Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the first game in the series to be set in the future and as such, will feature futuristic weapons and other warfare related technology. Another difference from previous CoD titles is that, throughout the game in certain instances, players will have the opportunity to select which path they take... this leads to branching storylines and a different experience depending on the choices you make.

Intel Locations Guide cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360

This is a guide to finding all 33 intel laptops in Black Ops 2. Before a piece of intel will count as being collected, you need to complete the mission!

Mission 1: Pyrrhic Victory

1. When you're in control and told down hunt the mortar teams, you will get out of your carrier and eventually come across an overturned armored transport. The intel is to the right.

2. When on the ship climb the laddr on the left and move toward the front of the ship. The intel is in the corner to your right.

3. While retreating you'll come across tall sniper towers. When your partner throughts a smoke grenade and you reach the small and big towers (second group), the intel is up the smaller tower.

Mission 2: Celerium

4. After fighting loads of enemies in the facility and up the hillside you'll come to a helipad. After taking control of a drone a room opens to your left. The intel is on the table.

5. When you enter the underground facility look to your left as you enter the room with the large staircase. You'll see what looks like an entrace with a reception desk. Grab the intel on the desk through the window.

6. After killing all the enemies after meeting the scientist go to the room that opened up at the other end from where you are. Look the desk directly across the entrance to the final room of the mission.

Mission 3: Old Wounds

7. When the cave meeting concludes look to your right. The intel is on the wall near three NPCs.

8. When on the horse you'll cross some red flags marking ammo and weapons stores. Look for a red flag with a weapon crate behind it and a giant rock. The intel is at the flag base.

9. When you are told to take the ammo dump go back to the large ravine with wooden brides. Before the first bridge look for a small path up to a raised area. Look to the right of the cave entrace to find the Intel.

Mission 4: Time And Fate

10. When controlling Raul, go to the back of the barn that's burning and look behind the wagon.

11. Look to the right when you start the mission and you'll see a bell tower. Climb the ladders to the top and the intel is half way up the second ladder. You need to jump off it to the small platform to get the intel.

12. When in the underground part you'll ge past a sunken cocaine lab. Inside go to the far left and there'll be an entrance to another small room with the Intel inside.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel

13. The intel is in the starting room. Simply look to your right!

14. When you open the gate and dodge hte bis look to the right for a small compartment with the intel inside it.

15. When you get past the drone and leave the water, walk straight ahead. The intel is right there.

Mission 6: Karma

16. When you eyes are scanned go to the far right of the server room. The intel is on a desk there.

17. When in the mall look to the right as you go past a set of stairs. There will be a store called d'Ho. The intel is behind the counter.

18. Go outside, past the bar and keep right, hugging the walls. You'll eventually come to a small computer that says LKH. The intel is next to the PC.

Mission 7: Suffer With Me

19. Enter the warehouse through the skylights, go across the catwalks and go into the small room with the stairs going down. Before you down look left to the shelves. The intel is there.

20. When you enter the church area of the slums look for a red building on the left side with a hole in its wall and a burning dumpster outside. The intel is in the building.

21. As you transition to the next building there's a cutscene and the intel is ahead in the next room on a table.

Mission 8: Achilles' Veil

22. Don't exit the large courtyard at the mission start and look for some stairs going up a tower to yot left. The intel is up them.

23. When you control the drones go through the alley. When you go around the corner there will be someone shooting at you. The room is in the room you are in when this happens behind some boxes. You need to jump on the boxes to reach it.

24. Get out of town and go to the cliffs with the two white houses. The intel is on the roof of the second house.

Mission 9: Odysseus

25. Get to the bridge on the ship and take control of the turrets. The intel is near the windows on the right.

26. After finding Briggs you'll come across a computer right. Stick to the right side and there'll be a staircase. Go up the stairs and the intel is on the right.

27. When on the flight deck of the ship you'll see two VTOLs with doors open. Look inside the second one to find the intel.

Mission 10: Cordis Die

28. When you rappel down onto the highway you'll see a flashing sign on the right that says "FREEWAY EVAC ROUTE". Look for an exploded SUV across from it and the intel is on the ground there.

29. Get out of the truck you're driving and go into the doorway of the first building you come across on your left. Once inside turn right and you'll see a desk. The intel is there.

30. Go to the mall on your left that says "Dale's Jewelry". Go up the stairs and find a t-shirt kiosk. The intel is on the bottom shelf of this.

Mission 11: Judgement Day

31. After leaving the start area go up one level and to the right. Look ahead for a double storey building with a "27". Go upstairs and the intel is on a desk on the right.

32. When you get to the control room with heaps of PCs and bif screens go to the middle set of stairs. From there go up three small levels and then down an aisle on your left. The intel is on the desk to your left.

33. When you get to the circular room with two set of staircases going up and two sets going down, take the ones going down. Hug the wall and you'll come across a crate. The intel is in there.

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