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Battlefield: Bad Company Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Game Description: Battlefield: Bad Company is the next generation console shooter Xbox 360 game. The main features of battlefield are the non-traditional single player story, engaging sandbox game play and almost 100% destructible environments. Battlefield: Bad Company will definitely be up to the expectations of Battlefield fans globally.

Find All 5 Weapons cheat for Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360

#1. [Sniper Rifle] Pre-order the game from a participating retailer by June 23rd, (Gamestop, Bestbuy, Circuit City, etc.) and enter the code given to you in the unlocks menu of the full game. (If you didn't pre-order, or get a code when you pre-ordered call your local stores (preferrably the ones listed) and if you're polite enough you might just get a left over code.)

#2. [LMG] Sign-up for the newsletter at with a valid e-mail, get the code and enter it in the unlocks menu. (The direct address is

#3.[Uzi/SMG] Play the Battlefield: Bad Company demo and get to rank 4 (2300 EXP required) then play the full game. When you go to Multiplayer on the menu it will give you a confirmation note saying you unlocked it.

#4. [Assault Rifle] Link your gamertag to then go to and register your previous Battlefield games to get the Veteran Assault Rifle. Go to "Multiplayer" in the main menu. Then go to "Stats" in the "Multiplayer" menu. Press "Y" to update your veteran status. Once you get the confirmation message stating your Veteran Level Change, go to the "Multiplayer" menu to get the unlock confirmation.

#5. [Semi-Auto Shotgun] Once you have played one Online match (In the full game), Link your gamertag to, then go to and in the top right corner press Login. Login and you will be directed to your Stats page. Now go to the "Main Menu" and press "Multiplayer". You will get a confirmation message showing that you've unlocked it.

If all these are done correctly, you should get all 5 of these weapons.

"Find All Five" unlocks work only in the full game of "Battlefield: Bad Company"

Happy Gaming with your new weapons!

Game Name: Battlefield: Bad Company

Cheat Name: Find All 5 Weapons

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