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Battlefield: Bad Company Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Game Description: Battlefield: Bad Company is the next generation console shooter Xbox 360 game. The main features of battlefield are the non-traditional single player story, engaging sandbox game play and almost 100% destructible environments. Battlefield: Bad Company will definitely be up to the expectations of Battlefield fans globally.

Darwin's Parachute Alive cheat for Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360

To stay alive while doing the Darwin's Parachute achievement, get in your helicopter and go up 1000-2000 altitude (about 750 ft above the map).

Go above a deep body of water.

Jump out of your heli and land (there really is no chute).

Note: if you land in shallow water, you will likely die.

Game Name: Battlefield: Bad Company

Cheat Name: Darwin's Parachute Alive

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