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Battlefield: Bad Company Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Game Description: Battlefield: Bad Company is the next generation console shooter Xbox 360 game. The main features of battlefield are the non-traditional single player story, engaging sandbox game play and almost 100% destructible environments. Battlefield: Bad Company will definitely be up to the expectations of Battlefield fans globally.

Blowing Up Tanks cheat for Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360

When you finally rescue your guys from Russia and you are in the tower were they were holding your guys, go all the way up the steps in the tower and keep going till you see the bell.

Go outside the door way on the top level and go over to the search light on your left (that is left when you go though the door) and if you look down the way you will see one AA tank (that is anti aircraft tank for those non military people out there lol).

There is a personal carrier car with a machine mounted on it and then with a motor GPS or a laser designator target, the AA tank down that road you see on the other side of the bridge, and blow up that tank.

Trust me when you are escaping, it will prove most useful to not have a 40 TON tank in your way.

If you want to destroy the car first, then the tank next it won't matter much, the car really does nothing to you.

When you are leaving I just like to blow it up cause I like to see fireworks, and by the way if the tank starts firing at you that's cool, it just makes him an easy target to hit.

Game Name: Battlefield: Bad Company

Cheat Name: Blowing Up Tanks

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