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Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield 4
  • Game Description: Battlefield 4 is the next installment (actually, the thirteenth) in Electronic Arts' wildly popular shooter series. BF4 is set in present times and features Sergeant Dunn, who is leader of your squad, "Irish" and also "Pat", who is the squad medic. Players will take control of "Recker". The debut trailer for Battlefield 4 was 17 minutes long and broke YouTube records for number of views. Battlefield 4 will be released in the fall of 2013.

Levolution Moments Guide cheat for Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360

Perform the actions described below to trigger all of the “Levolution” moments on each of the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4, to change the maps and gameplay.

Map: Dawnbreaker
Action: There are numerous gas pipes underground, and you can change their pressure by using valves located beneath the street. Use the valves to set the pipe pressure to maximum on each side of the map.
Effect: The pressure will cause a massive explosion in the center of the map. It will destroy the bridge and create a crevasse. The loss of the bridge will slow down enemies, and the crevasse provides new cover points.

Map: Flood Zone
Action: There is a levee that holds back thousands of gallons of water. Use whatever explosive devices you have available to destroy it.
Effect: With the levee destroyed, the water will flood the map. Equip a handgun to fight in the water.

Map: Golmud Railway
Action: There is a train on this map that has a control point. Board the train.
Effect: The train will move toward one team’s base. The train itself has mounted weaponry and makes attacks and defense easier for the team on board.

Map: Hainan Resort
Action: Oil slicks are everywhere and the hotel can be destroyed. Set the oil slicks on fire and target the first floor of each wing of the hotel.
Effect: Fires will rage across the battlefield and the hotel will collapse, making for a very dangerous and different environment.

Map: Lancang Dam
Action: Destroy the huge dam with explosives.
Effect: When the dam explodes, concrete debris will fly across the battlefield.

Map: Operation Locker
Action: This map is a prison. Trigger the cell doors and attack the guard tower.
Effect: The cell doors will change the paths players can take through the map, and the guard tower can collapse. Outside of the players’ actions, snowstorms will rage across the exterior portions of the map from time to time, greatly reducing visibility outside.

Map: Paracel Storm
Action: The storm is so intense that it will beach a U.S. destroyer. You can speed up the process if you target the crack in the turbine. Stay out of the way of the ship.
Effect: The ship will destroy everything in its path until it crashes on shore, at which point it will change the layout of the map.

Map: Rogue Transmission
Action: This map features a huge satellite dish held in place by ten cables. The cables are held in place by large blocks of concrete. Destroy them with explosive weapons.
Effect: The satellite dish will fall and crash into the ground, changing the layout of the map.

Map: Siege of Shanghai
Action: There is a skyscraper near the center of the map. Use explosive weapons on its four cracked pillars. You can also go to the north and pull bollards up to block progress across the bridges.
Effect: Once you destroy the pillars, the skyscraper will collapse and destroy anything it lands upon, changing the landscape. If you block the bridges, vehicle moment will be limited.

Map: Zavod 311
Action: At the center of the map is a huge smoke stack. Make your way inside to turn on a countdown timer.
Effect: The timer will trigger a warhead and explode the smoke stack. The ruins will stop vehicle progress while at the same time opening new paths for infantry.

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