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Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield 4
  • Game Description: Battlefield 4 is the next installment (actually, the thirteenth) in Electronic Arts' wildly popular shooter series. BF4 is set in present times and features Sergeant Dunn, who is leader of your squad, "Irish" and also "Pat", who is the squad medic. Players will take control of "Recker". The debut trailer for Battlefield 4 was 17 minutes long and broke YouTube records for number of views. Battlefield 4 will be released in the fall of 2013.

Dog Tag Locations Guide cheat for Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360

Each of the missions in Battlefield 4’s single player campaign contains dog tags, for a total of 19. Search the areas indicated below to find all of them.

In Baku:
The tutorial section contains the first dog tag, called “Nice Play.” It is found on a board.
In the C4 Tutorial room, the dog tag “One Way Trip” can be found over the room, when you find a way to jump across the hole.
There is a crashed helicopter in the Dunn Is Down scene. Go inside the helicopter for the “Sergeant Dunn” dog tag.

In Shanghai:
By the transit street, there is a dead end. Go to a door near the dead end to find the “One Man Riot” dog tag.
At the start of the Lobby Assault section, there is an elevator. The “Going Up” dog tag is found over the elevator.
After the tank chase section, go to the back alley to find the “Business Casual” dog tag.

In the South China Sea:
On the way to the medbay, there is a cabin in which the “Carcharodon” dog tag is found.
During the swimming trials, there is a rubble pile nearby. The “Lord of the Waves” dog tag is beside it.
During the helicopter battle section, enter the crashed helicopter to find the “Agent Kovic” dog tag.

In Singapore:
On the beach, go to the abandoned boat to find the “Horizontal Rain” dog tag.
During the café section, go behind the counter for the “Armored Column” dog tag.
While looking through the plane, you can find the “Grounded” dog tag on its door.

In the Kunlun Mountains:
During the breakout, the “Cage Fighter” dog tag is in one of the cells.
Once you’re in the landing bay, search the second floor for the “Freedom at Any Cost” dog tag. It is near an electrical box.
Search around the tram platform during the bridge encounter to find the “Shaw-Shanked Redemption” dog tag.

In Tashgar:
Go inside the truck on the bridge to find the “Destruction Enthusiast” dog tag.
During the helicopter encounter, make your way from container to container. The “Upstream Swimmer” dog tag will be inside one of them.

In Suez:
Access the plane’s propeller to make your way to the “Rebel” dog tag at the back of the plane.
During the medbay scene, you can find the “Fleet Guardian” dog tag on a bed.

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